About Us

By Design Dahlias has been in business from 1999.  In all that time, we have gone from selling a few cut flowers and tubers at the farmer's market, to selling hundreds online to New England and New York.  Sales region is limited, because these are New England hardy dahlias exclusively for New England/NY growers.  There are many other sellers who cover nationwide.  By Design is licensed AND inspected by the NH Department of Agriculture.

Dahlia plants are grown here on the farm, planted and harvested by hand in the strictest of controlled environments, with tool sterilization, and disease control, and any questionable plants are immediately culled.  With over 20 years of experience, we've seen it all, and know what to look for, and as we treasure our reputation for excellence, will NEVER ship anything that doesn't pass our exacting standards or that we wouldn't plant ourselves.

The store remains online throughout the year, so you can check what tubers you may have forgotten to label by the 2-4 letter code which will be imprinted on the flesh of the tuber.  All tubers are individually labelled, including the mystery(?) dahlias.  Luck of the draw.

"Sold Out" markers will remain on the display in the online store until the (TBA, get on my mailing list for email head's up) opening date in late Feb/early March, at which point the store will close for a couple of hours while the shelves are stocked, and then the free-for-all begins.  Buy and check out quickly, as items will not remain in your carts.  I'm sorry that's the way the website works.   I WILL COMBINE SHIPPING!!  Goodness, of course I will.  I'd like you to buy ALL my dahlias, not just the rare ones, and I will have special collections of rare dahlias and "friends" where you pick the friends to encourage you to do just that.

Shipping is $9.50 for 1-4 dahlias, $12.20 for 5-8 dahlias, $14.35 for 9-12, $18.70 for 13-15 and $23.10 for 16 and up.  I bag the dahlias individually.  I find it delivers a healthier product, but it does make the package kind of heavy when you start adding them up.  Plus some of my tubers are HUGE.  Fat and happy.  I use my own boxes, and I try not to charge you more than the Post Office charges me.

I no longer accept Paypal.  I'm sorry.  The company burned me last year, and refunded some, but not all orders, seemingly randomly, after I had shipped out the tubers.  Everyone was great and payed with another method, but what a headache.  No more Paypal.  It's not my pal.

To ask a dahlia question, you may send email to bydesigndahlias@gmail.com  PLEASE do not try to order dahlias using this email, or over the phone. The Online Store will open in February or March, and you are welcome to purchase as many tubers or flowers as you like there, but I'm afraid my "customer service staff" has been reclassified as tuber sorting staff, digging and planting staff, and shipping and handling, and they (I) have my hands full.  I can't place orders for you.

The Online Store will process your order, keep track of my inventory, and even arrange a pick-up time based on my calendar.  Once your order is placed, if you chose the pick-up option, you will receive an email with a link; https://squareup.com/appointments/book/PMZRGHXH64YTE   to make an appointment for your pick-up, and directions to the farm.  When you arrive at your scheduled time, you order will be in the farm stand at the end of the driveway.  Sometimes I am out in the garden at this time, and available to answer questions.

If you would like to help with cutting or digging dahlias, you may send me email to that effect, and I will put you on the list to be alerted when it is time to start digging.  At that point you will be invited to sign up for a time on my appointment calendar:
Keep an eye out for the announcement of the DIGGING UP DAHLIAS WORKSHOP.  Coming to a farm near you(By Design); 2 weeks after the first killing frost.
Hopefully, that's November this year!!  We'll see.

I give a GREAT talk on growing dahlias with lots of colorful slides and piles of information.  Reach me at the email address above to book the talk.

Check me out on Facebook for more gorgeous photos; By Design Dahlias
This is a great place to get ideas for what varieties you'd like to purchase.

Florists or wedding floral designers who have access to my gorgeous blooms are:  
Allioops! New London https://www.allioops.com/
Cobblestone Design Company, Concord, NH  https://www.cobblestoneflorist.com/
May B Designs (603)490-6330 meaganfoskitt@gmail.com
Valley Flower Company in White River Junction, VT  http://www.valleyflowercompanyvt.com/
Ask for "The Dahlia Lady" dahlias.