Hardy Nor'Eastern grown Dahlia tubers for customers in New England and New York

23 years of dahlia growing experience. Varieties tested in rugged New England conditions - only the strongest survive and make it to the sale table.

Some varieties you can ONLY find at By Design Dahlias

Exclusive to By Design Dahlias

These special dahlia varieties were bred here at the farm.  Sports of... 

  • What is "By Design Dahlias"?

    You have found the website for one of New Hampshire's most lovely dahlia farms!  Please take a moment to peruse myGALLERYof pictures of gorgeous dahlias all grown right here on the farm, and arranged by the Dahlia Lady, pictures of the gardens themselves, (maybe with a few kids wandering into view) and the vibrant presentation I make at the Norwich Farmer's Market in Norwich, VT.   http://www.norwichfarmersmarket.org/Check out the article on the farm and growing dahlias in Springfield in the Kearsarge Magazine Fall 2013!  
    http://www.kearsargemagazine.com/On a statewide level, the farm was featured in New Hampshire Home magazine on page 98 in the September-October issue 2016.

    Also of note is the article on page 25 of Here in Hanover's Fall 2017 issue; http://www.hereinhanover.com/2017/09/05/153985/in-this-issue-fall-2017

  • How do I...

    If you would like to learn to grow dahlias with similar success, check out my Growing Instructions page, or visit the Contact Info section for where and when I will be giving my next dahlia talk.  For a selection of the plumpest, healthiest, hardiest tubers around, you will want my Online Store.  The store is currently closed, and should re-open in spring of 2023.  To see the full selection that should hopefully be available at that time, check out Tubers Available.  To get yourself on my mailing list, so you can be alerted when the inventory goes online, find my email address in the Contact Info section.  Last, but certainly not least, peruse my Cut Flower Varieties to see what's available for take-home in the fall.

  • Garden/Store update

    A dry EARLY spring was followed by a wet late spring, and then a dry summer.  Bad news for people who planted late; many tubers rotted in the ground, and those that survived faced dry inhospitable conditions.  Here at By Design Dahlias, Emily, in a fit of poor patience, planted early and FAST, and got all 275 plants(the most she's ever planted) in the ground before the 2nd week of May.  Eager, tubers fresh out of storage erupted sprouts out of the ground, thrived in the late spring rains, and then were in solid shape, with deep roots to survive the dry summer.  Blooms came readily, and stayed long - really long - and trick-or-treaters were presented with blooms as well as candy!!  Of course, the problem with blooms at Halloween, is that a frozen ground is JUST around the corner, and it was a marathon to get everyone out of the ground in time.
    But thanks to some eager helpers in my "Digging Up Dahlias Workshops"(see contact page for more information on those!!), nearly all plants were successfully dug up, and those that weren't... I didn't like those varieties anyway!!  
    After 23 years of storing tubers, I have it to an art form, and thousands will come available for sale in the spring!!
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